Bring your friends and join the event bringing together talented developers and the newest tech in a cool environment!

What: A weekend long hackathon 

When: March 23-25th, 2018 

Where: Terrada Warehouse, Tennozu Isle, Tokyo

Why: To bring together developers, creators and designers to build the future

Who: Engineers, designers, managers,marketers, students, non-students!

Cost: FREE! Some food and drinks provided

Themes: IoT, AI, Logistics & Storage, Mobility

See detailed schedule on the website

Join a track and show us your best hacks! 


Day 1: Track introduction and team building
Day 2: Hacking, hacking, hacking
Day 3: More hacking and pitching presentation  

*You are free to leave the venue, you are not confined in the warehouse at night ;)  


Engineers, designers, managers,marketers, students, non-students!

Anyone with an idea and the drive to realise it is welcome! 


Submit your projects due Sunday March 25th at 12.30pm. One team member submits the project and adds other team members to the submission afterwards. The submission can be freely edited after submitting. Remember to fill up the correct table number and inform all the tracks and challenges you attended.

Hackathon Sponsors


$4,400 in prizes

Logistics Track

Terrada, our track partner, believes that it’s time to move away from the traditional business model of “depositing things and storing them in a warehouse” to building business models that create new value by utilizing data of real goods and freight.

Build a system / app to gather logistics data and create new user needs by utilizing it.
Not limited to logistics, you are also allowed to work freely on your own ideas.

Criteria for judgement:
What kind of things and data, how to collect it ?
What sort of user experience can you offer using them?
Level of innovation and scalability of the solution.

Prizes: Gift vouchers worth ¥200000, Tickets to pitch at Slush Tokyo

AI Track

Cogent labs, one of Junction Tokyo’s main partners, believes that AI can help solve the problems which have been labeled as unsolvable. Solving these problems will create a new impact on the society, so that man and machine can co-exist in a codependent relationship.

In this track, you can use the AI related free APIs such as TensorFlow which are available online. Weightage will be given to the perfection of the output rather than technical capabilities of the AI / R&D. And don’t worry, the partner mentors will be there to answer your questions at all times!

How to win the track:
How well your project adheres to the theme
Level of creativity
Level of completion
Hack the AI, create a win-win codependency and take home the grand prize of $2000

Mobilty Track

Almost all modern vehicles are equipped with multiple communication networks called CAN that ECUs which are used to exchange a myriad of data; critical to maintaining the correct operation and safety of the vehicle. Intrepid provides professional hardware & software tools that make those data available to you so that you can build your own automotive applications.

Intrepid will be providing Intrepid PC tools for reverse engineering of the CAN bus, and they are going to live stream Tesla Model X for hackers to remotely write some vehicle data using Intrepid's HTTP API through OBD2 Wifi dongle. Tesla API will be simple JSON interface over HTTP, writeable data includes (Individual) window control, (individual) door control, unlocking/locking, and more.

Prize: $400 gift card

BOSCH IoT Challenge (3)

BOSCH, Junction Tokyo’s technical partner, has equipped their challenge with their game changing XDK kit. Or as we like to call it, XDK: The “Swiss army knife” for the Internet of Things.

Can you build futuristic IoT applications with the XDK ?

The ideas can be commercial applications of the XDK, for example, using it for underwater navigation of submarines, to overcome the shortcomings of the land / air based navigation systems such as the GPS.

For more Information:
* XDK:
* XDK live:

Prizes: Exciting BOSCH goodies

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

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Hori Takanobu

Hori Takanobu
Project Manager, Nokia

Kiran Mysore

Kiran Mysore
Venture Partner, UTEC

Iiro Nurmi

Iiro Nurmi
CEO, Junction

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and uniqueness
  • Quality of pitch / demo / prototype
  • Completeness of the project
  • Technical aspects of the hack

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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